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branded email address: why & how

One thing that has always, ALWAYS bugged me with new brands or hell even old brands is an off-brand email (for example jessicasclothingshop@gmail.com - ew). It’s a serious pet peeve for me and I honestly believe that all businesses (once they’ve settled down with their logo, website, etc) should invest in their brand's email address for so many different reasons. Not only does is create familiarity with your audience/clients, it just looks better (info@yourbrand.com). Period; on your cards, your website, everywhere. And it’s not expensive! It honestly baffles me a bit as to why a lot of brands don’t make this investment.

"when your email is sent from your domain name, it helps to convey the idea that you’re already established, professional and take your long-term branding seriously, which helps to build trust."

- wix.com

So, how easy is it? It’s literally as easy as signing up for an email address. I always recommend using Google’s G Suite to set up your brand's email. Why?

It uses the same gmail interface as their free email account so if you have a gmail you are already familiar with its usability.

Google Drive! I cannot stress how awesome the drive is. Google Drive is a cloud service that helps with document management. You can do so much with it! Save documents, pictures, videos, share files, create spreadsheets.., It is amazing and personally, it’s much easier for me than services like Dropbox. Plus you don’t have to sign up for something again. You can save files to your drive on the computer and access them on your phone too. I’m actually using google drive docs to write this blog post as we speak. Please, consider this for all your endeavors. It is an amazing platform.

It’s only $5 a month… That says a lot right there.

To get started, you can CLICK HERE to sign up. You get a 14 day trial period so you can freely test the features and start sharing your address. Trust me, you will not regret investing in your brand's domain. Whether you be a model, a store or a blog it is completely worth it.